La carte prépayée les jardins d’en haut

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With the prepaid card, you immediately get up to a 10% discount
on your purchases and the advantage of choosing the vegetables you want in the quantity you want. The prepaid card is virtual.  It opens an account for you with us; therefore, there is no need for cards or cash when you do your shopping. It is valid at all our sales locations (markets, booth at the farm or our on-line boutique). There are no bank charges for you, or for us. The account can be recharged when needed and has no expiry date. By paying in advance, you allow us to invest in our garden during our downtimes at the beginning of the season. It offers a privileged link with the farm and allows you to choose to participate directly in our local economy.


Using the card

Your account will have a credit equal to the amount you have paid + 3, 5 or 10%.You can purchase our products at one of our sales points (go to MARKETS from the main menu) by mentioning your contact information. For each purchase you will receive a receipt by email so that you can follow the state of your expenditures and your account balance. You will be considered as one of our members and will automatically receive our newsletter so that you can be aware of new arrivals, our activities and find out what is going on in the gardens and in the gardeners’ thoughts.

Payment procedure

We have pre-established amounts of $200, $400, and $600. We accept payment by credit card, but encourage you to pay by Interac or cheque so that we can avoid service charges. You will receive a receipt as soon as we have cashed in your payment and your account with us will be opened. Happy shopping!